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9 Ways to style your cargo pants

1: I love a monochromatic outfit and that’s why I couldn’t resist it in these super comfortable cargo pants. No matter how you style a monochromatic outfit, you’ll always look put together. For a little bit of colour add a stylish hat.

Handbag: My Image Exclusive

2: Outfit number 2 is for those lazy days but you still want to look a little bit put together. So throw on your favourite jersey and pair it with the same colour shoes.

Handbag: My Image Exclusive3: Don’t you just love a modern classic outfit? Roll up your sleeves and french tuck your shirt to get that modern classic look.4: Boss lady! Man, how I wish I could dress like this every day. When I was younger I’ve always seen myself dress like this and walked into a big magazine company to go be the boss, I still have that dream sometimes “haha”. 5: It’s all about the little details. Hair accessories is such a big trend atm and I love it, It’s so feminine and classy. Then I’m not even talking about animal print. I’ve never been a big fan of animal print, still not a big fan. But I’ve grown to love a little bit of animal print, hence the leopard print shoe detail.

Handbag: My Image Exclusive 6:  Relaxed, this outfit is perfect for running around doing errands. Who else is here for the cropped pullover trend?  7: Who knew you could add a belt to your denim jacket and make it look stylish? I actually love this look, it accentuate your waist and it draws the eye towards your fabulous belt! 8:  Is off the shoulder even a trend anymore? Who cares, If something works for you, you should wear it. No matter what the world says about what is in and what is not. If you would like to know what clothing works for you, contact me here. 9: I see myself wearing this outfit on a tropical island sippin on a delicious cocktail. Don’t you just love the detail on this kimono? I bought it at a market from a women that imports it from Thailand.

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