Hello, my name is Annamie and I’m here to help you find inner beauty within yourself, there is nothing as beautiful as a woman with confidence in everything she does.  


They say: “dress for success”, but you need to dress to be yourself. I love to feel good and look good. My favourite would be thrift clothing. You don’t need the newest and modest fashion to be yourself and look fashionable. Fashion is not only for the rich, we’re all unique and need to look at our best, no matter where you shop. 


I grew up on a farm and still love the farm life but fashion will always be my first love. Having the knowledge about my style personality, body and face shape makes it easy for me to always look at my best. The confidence I gained through this journey and the passion I have to help women feel and look their best. No matter where you are and what work you do, I would love to assist you in your journey to find your style and analyze your body and face shape. You are one of a kind and need to dress correctly for your body and style personality to feel confident and express your inner beauty. 


Have you ever gotten a compliment wearing an old dress or jacket and thought how could it be? It’s not about the dress or jacket but rather the colour and style that suits you. Imagine what a joyful experience shopping can be when you have the knowledge on what clothing and accessories will fit you the best.