Hello my name is Annamie

I'm a South African farm girl born and raised.

Growing up on a farm never stopped me from having a passion for fashion and beauty, back in April 2013 i opened my first boutique "My Image Exclusive" in my moms Rooibostea shop situated in Clanwilliam, South Africa. Selling scarves, handbags, jewelry etc.

The name My Image Exclusive came from my name Anna"MIE" before starting my boutique. Me, my mom and aunt were chatting over a cup of tea and trying to figure out what we can call my shop, so my aunt said it should have meaning to my name, so we came up with the MIE in my name, and that's how My Image Exclusive originated.

My blog will mostly be about fashion and beauty. I have a passion for styling people and giving them tips on how to dress for their body type and personality.
Not everyone is daring enough to change their wardrobe. I like to help women see the difference when they change to the right color palette and when they know their body shape.

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