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In here you'll find all my "ootd" looks. How I style my outfits and where I found them.

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    Tone On Tone

    Hello my lovely’s I Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I’ve just been working non stop, haha. Do you guys work on the weekends, Please tell me down in the comments.   I loved shooting this tone on tone…

  • My Style

    Overall Dress

    I absolutely love it to go take photo’s when it is raining. Cloudy days makes the most beautiful photographs for me, I don’t know about you, Please tell me what kind of weather you like to take photo’s in?I just…

  • My Style

    A Touch of Red

    Did you know there is a shade of red for every women? This burgundy color suits my skin tone just perfect, it brings out the natural color of my cheeks and lightens up my eyes.Β  I’m not someone that really…

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    Comfortable & yet Fashionable

    I’m not someone that like’s to dress very uncomfortable “I’m all about that comfy feeling” Lot’s of people think that “comfy” isn’t fashionable,Β  Ohh but let me tell you that with the right clothes you can be as comfortable as…

  • My Style

    Summer in Winter

    Living in the country side it's not always easy to dress fashionable, but i'm loving my new yellow dress from Pick n Pay Clothing!! It is perfect for our sunny winter days.Β  My earring's are from my little boutique Mie…