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Comfortable & yet Fashionable

I’m not someone that like’s to dress very uncomfortable “I’m all about that comfy feeling” Lot’s of people think that “comfy” isn’t fashionable,ย  Ohh but let me tell you that with the right clothes you can be as comfortable as you’d wished you’d be and yet fashionable!These jeans is so up in my ally and they have flowers on! You can never go wrong with floral print they always make a statement, especially for those that like to dress more on the natural side.ย  Please don’t take floral print out of style!!My Angle shoes, they not just Angle shoes they are from Angle shoes! They are the most comfortable leather boots i have ever worn in my life! Love the fact that the heel is made out of wood.My lovely heart choker is from my boutique Mie “My Image Exclusive” We have a huge variety of different chokers, make sure you go check them out before they all sell out!My beautiful garnet birthstone ring my parents got me for my 18th birthday.

Lots of Love

My Image Exclusive

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