Coziest Sweater

Hello everyone!

Even though we going into Spring now we still have those rainy days that you just wanna cuddle up in your bed with your coziest sweater. I never thought I would get the coziest sweaters at Ackermans!

I have the same one in purple, they had one in olive green but not one in my size. I was so disappointment cause it was the perfect colour for my skin tone.  Do you like to go take a walk outside when it stopped raining as much as I do? It is my absolute favourite part of the rain, All the fresh air and lovely smells of grass and flowers. I lived in these sweaters all Winter. Don’t you just love the warm feeling of cozy and over-sized sweaters?   My granny gave me this leather TC handbag over 7 years ago.These black fishnet shoes from The Fix are such a statement piece. For my eye-shadow I used Wet N Wild’s Comfort Zone colour palette & for my lashes I used the Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara.


Lots of Love

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