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I absolutely love it to go take photo’s when it is raining. Cloudy days makes the most beautiful photographs for me, I don’t know about you, Please tell me what kind of weather you like to take photo’s in?I just bought this overall denim dress, and it is already my favorite piece of clothing in my closet!! It is so easy to wear, and you can wear it in the Winter and Summer, how cool is that?I paired it with a plain white t-shirt and my all time favorite converse, you guys are probably getting tired from seeing my converse, haha. To bad, there’s more outfits coming with them!  My Aunt and photographer for the day, says I look like Alice in wonderland in this photo, tell me what you think down in the comments. I loved paring my adorable bandanna with this outfit.  Being photographed and smiling all day makes you hungry, so we had to stop at Steers to get a burger. I thought it would be funny to bring in a little more about my self in my photo’s and what it really is like taking photo’s. So be prepared to see some really funny and awkward photo’s of me at the end of this post.Here is how you can wear your overall dress in the Winter, well not completely. Just throw on some black leggings and booties with it and you’d have and amazing looking Winter outfit
Outfit details:
Overall dress – Mrp Fashion
White t-shirt – Pick n Pay Clothing
Olive green long sleeve t-shirt – Cotton On
Bandanna – My Image Exclusive Boutique
High top converse – Tekkie Town


I’m so sorry you have to see this, haha. But who cares, this is me being my old weird & awkward self.


I think every blogger or photographer can relate to these photo’s.
Lots of Love

Annamie | My Image Exclusive


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