The Rooibos Teahouse

Have you ever been to the Rooibos Teahouse in Clanwilliam, South Africa? If not, you must go visit the only Rooibos Teahouse in the world. They have over 100 different flavored Rooibostea’s and blends. I did a lovely tea tasting, where they gave me a pamphlet full of information on how the plantation and tea process works. I got to choose 7 different tea’s.There is 7 clans of Rooibostea: Natural, Green, Sweet, Fruity, Herbal, Spicy and Flower, and within that there is a variety of 100 different tea’s to choose from! It makes it almost impossible to choose just 7 tea’s.

But eventually i chose my 7 tea’s, and it was time to Taste – Drink – BuyOne of the tea’s I chose was Vintage Romance, It is a lovely blend of rose petals and mixed berries. I can for-sure say it was my favorite one out of all the 7 tea’s.Rooibostea has to brew for about 5 minutes before you drink it, but as you can see I was way to excited to start drinking my tea that I couldn’t wait 3 more minutes! Did you know Rooibostea is anti-ageing?

Here is some more healthy facts about Rooibos:

It is Caffeine free, rich in anti-oxidants, kilojoule free and reduces stress. That is just a handful of the benefits there is about Rooibos. If your interested in more facts about Rooibos, please go visit the Rooibos Info Hub.

For my outfit, I wore this lovely check skirt that I paired with a black turtle neck and some black leggings. Clutch is from my boutique MIE “My Image Exclusive

Lots of Love

My Image Exclusive

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