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Y’all I’ve got a big problem. Since a little girl I’ve been loving it to clean and organize things, now what kind of 21 year old likes to clean, I mean she should be out partying right? Well “NO” that ain’t me. I’ve never liked partying or going out drinking, I’m more of a stay at home kinda girl crawling up in bed with Netflix or shall I say cleaning perhaps? I’m constantly organizing stuff. What I love most is organizing other peoples closets. The other day I went into one of my friends closets and let me tell you the joy it brought me to just organize and throw stuff out. If you’re struggling with organizing your closet or kitchen cabinets etc. I’ll gladly come do it for free, that’s how much I love doing it.

I’ve decided to share some of my favourite tips on cleaning and organizing with you, if you don’t want me to come do it for you, haha. I can be your own personal Marie Kondo.


  • Clothes. I suggest taking all your clothes out of your closet/drawers and toss it on your bed, by doing so you’ll see just how many clothes you have. Secondly you should make three piles on your floor, (1: Keepers. (2: Alterations. (3: Donate. Then go through every piece of clothing and think about it, have I worn this in the last year, will I ever wear this again, how does this make me feel?
  • Closet Organizing. When you have all your “Keepers” It’s time to organize and put it back in your closet. (1: Colour coordinate everything. (2: I like putting mine in this order. Jackets, Jerseys, Dresses, Long sleeve shirts, Quarter sleeves and then Short sleeves. Tip: if you hang your clothes back in your closet turn the hanger the other way around and when you’ve worn the item turn the hanger the other way around again, so by doing that you can see which clothes you’ve worn and which ones not. (3: Now for trousers, pj’s, underwear and sportswear. Separate them all in drawers and also do that by colour. Having your clothes colour coordinated makes it so much easier to find them.
  • Organize your jewelry. Use trays to keep your jewelry organized, or hang them on an organizer or hanger. Anything that gets it off your counter or dresser!
  • Deep clean as you go. Sounds like a nightmare right? But you’ll have no idea how much dust a place can collect. It’ll only take you an extra 60 seconds to clean and disinfect the shelves and drawers.
  • Look at expiration dates and toss it OUT! and I’m not just talking about food but toiletries and make-up too. Especially spices, the other day I tossed out 6 spices that I hardly ever used. So go through those spices, toiletries and make-up and everything you haven’t used in the last 1-2 years and put it in your tossing pile. It is so easy for us to collect things that we hardly ever use and it is just taking up space! Have you ever wondered why you don’t have enough space, this ⇑ up here is why.
  • Clean out that medicine cabinet. Toss out expired medicines, supplements and ointments.  Make a list of items that need to be replaced as you toss out.
  • Toss mismatched Tupperware and dishes. I seriously would looove to know where all those Tupperware lids are disappearing to? Can someone please tell me!!
  • Always make your bed. Just by making your bed, your bedroom will look 10 times more organized.
  • Everything has a place. ⇐ This is my number 1 rule. Don’t toss things in places where it doesn’t belong, that is how clutter starts.
  • Clean out your fridge. Take out everything in your fridge that is expired, past its prime, or smelling less than  fresh, and then organize that fridge. Vegetables and fruit goes in the drawer. Sauces, milk and juice in the door. Butter, jam and bread on one shelf, you getting the hang of it?
  •  Reduce paper clutter. Do you ever look at your desk and think what the heck is going on here, how did this mess even started? Go through all your old and new mail, bills and other stray papers, sort them into piles that are crucial and that needs to be shredded or recycled. Have folders for them so that it doesn’t get so cluttered again.
  • Recruit a friend. Have a hard time parting with junk (be honest…)?  Ask a friend or “MIE” to come over and help you decide what to keep, what to donate and what to trash.


I really hope you enjoyed these view tips & tricks on cleaning and organizing. If you decide to do it please let me know down in the comments or send me a DM on Instagram with a photo of your finished product.


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