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White high waisted shorts, 3 ways

1: Accessorize

Wearing a full white outfit is so easy and fun to accessorize, especially in the summer! 1: White reflects the sun away, so you will stay cool all summer long. 2: It’s fun, it is classified as goodness, purity, cleanliness, faithfulness, protection & so much more. 3: You can wear anything with white, accessorize it with your favourite accessories. Bring in a pop of colour, I threw on my blue handbag that I never wear cause it doesn’t really go with anything but it goes perfect with an all white outfit. Head scarfs is so in right now, I actually haven’t found one in South Africa that I like so I just took a normal snood (Scarf) and wrapped it around my head.

  2: Edgy

This look is perfect for a night out when it cooled down a bit. I have such a mix of style personality’s, the one day I like to dress super girly, the other day it is more of a edgy or relaxed kinda look, etc. Don’t you just love off the shoulder tops? I’m in love with this one cause you can wear it all year round.

3: It’s all about the shoes.

By wearing all neutral colours your shoes will immediately be the focal point of your outfit. Don’t you just love these mules from Mr Price? I never really liked the trend of mules but when I stumbled upon these beauts I just had to buy them! Do you like the trend of mules, and do you think they are here to stay or not?


Lots of Love

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